Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Beat Osteoporosis it without drugs

Osteoporosis is a very real threat, especially for women. Have you ever really looked at the side effects of the drugs, offered by the pharmaceutical companies, to solve this problem? It is a wonder that anyone survives taking the cure.

There is a sane way to deal with Osteoporosis that has no harmful side effects. You have to do only two things.

1. stop causing it

2. rebuild your bones naturally

First understand that Osteoporosis is not caused by a lack of some toxic drug. It is caused by lifestyle choices. To stop causing it you need to change your lifestyle choices that cause it.

An acid forming diet is the primary cause. When you eat animal products, grains (especially wheat) or products with refined sugar, or other toxic chemicals in them, the end ash after digestion is acid. If there is not enough base minerals in that meal to neutralize the acid your body has to rob the bones and/or teeth of calcium to neutralize the acid.

Your body does this to prevent the acid from killing you.

So to stop causing osteoporosis you need to limit things that have to be cooked or that are processed with heat before you eat them. Many people drink milk for the calcium. The problem is that all milk in the US has been pasteurized. After pasteurization the calcium in milk is no longer useful for building strong bones. It forms acid upon digestion and actually contributes to osteoporosis. Raw milk is better if you can get it. However we were not designed to drink milk past the age of 3 years, and cow’s milk was designed for a growing calf

Another lifestyle factor is a sedentary life. Our bodies were designed for activity. If your bones are not subjected to stress they will not be as strong as if you led an active lifestyle.

To build strong bones and eliminate osteoporosis from being a possible risk to your health, you need to change.

It is necessary that you get active. At the very minimum you should be walking every day. I am talking more than from your refrigerator to the couch, or to your office chair, from your car. It is recommended that we walk at least about 3 miles, or one half hour each day. I am not talking about thirty feet at a time. I am talking 30 minutes of steady walking.

The next thing is to eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetable contain the best calcium for building strong bones, and teeth. The interesting thing is that most of our natural foods taste better raw so why would you want to cook them.

Most people have trouble eating all raw so we recommend 75 – 85% raw and the rest cooked vegetables. If you still can’t take this much raw start where you can and try to get over 50% raw as soon as possible.

I eat fruit for breakfast and either fruit or a salad for lunch. Limit dairy, and if you must eat some meat products try to keep the quantity small and eat it with a large salad. Let the meat be only a flavoring for the salad, not the main course.

In countries where meat is used as a condiment for flavoring only osteoporosis is nearly unheard-of.

Charles Snyder is a Health Minister and teacher of Natural Hygiene. He can be contacted through this web link, http://www.hopeanswers.com/contact.html You can find many articles on health at his arthritis site. http://www.arthritis-back-knee-pain-free-health-restored.com